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  • 30 Jul, 2021
    The LOL 2021 Awards Ceremony was successfully held on 17 July at SummerFest. We are endlessly grateful to those who came by to support us!

    Check out our photo gallery for some event highlights! Also, please stay tuned for a highlight video coming soon!
  • 22 Jun, 2021
    The LOL 2021 Awards Ceremony has been tentatively postponed to July 2021.

    Please stay tuned to the announcements made on our website for future updates!
  • 30 Mar, 2021
    1. Language Out Loud 2021 has officially begun! :) Please click "here" to see the video of the LOL 2021 Opening Ceremony.
    2. Cat. IV (Open Group) Student Training is officially available "here".
  • 25 Mar, 2021
    On the 19th of March, 2021, THiNKSeries invited local school principals, teachers, parents, students and LOL organisers us to celebrate the official start to the LOL 2021 competition!
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    2. Thank you for your support!
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